USAID Survey Results

Survey Results Are InIn August 2006, FRESH concluded a survey of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Implementing Partner’s (IP) and their role with sub grants or sub awards to local non-government organizations (NGOs). The IPs we surveyed were international organizations or companies largely USAID funded.

Our survey identified three areas of concern:

  1. Donor’s requirements: Our survey revealed that less than 60% of the IPs fully understand the Donor’s sub grant requirements. For instance, many USAID IPs were unacquainted with the USAID pre-award and monitoring procedures. Some IPs had not performed an assessment of the local NGO’s financial capacity. It was clear that many IPs did not know that they had to follow the same rigorous process of sub awarding to local NGOs as USAID did to award them the contract.
  2. Training: Our survey revealed that less than 75% of the IPs provide grant management training to the sub grantee or local NGOs. Without a comprehensive understanding of Donor’s grant management requirements, the sub grantee is disadvantaged and could jeopardize the project success.
  3. Financial Management: Our survey revealed that less than 50% of the IPs took preventive measures to reduce mismanagement and audit recommendations. Many IPs finance departments are ill equipped and under staffed to assess the sub grantee’s internal control and accounting systems.

Though the survey revealed some positive results: IPs willingness to collaborate and share information with sub grantees, the three concerns mentioned above are worrying signs for Donors, and especially USAID.

FRESH has services that can improve all the above concerns. In the area of financial management, FRESH suggests a simple but secure accounting software called Simply Accounting. FRESH is a licensed Simply Accounting Software agent in Africa. We can set-up and train local NGOs on Simply Accounting and financial management. The software has an excellent project module that can easily perform project accounting.

Additionally, FRESH offers grant management training on USAID grant procedures. The training materials are designed to highlight the essential requirements for sub grantees while keeping accountability in mind.

If you are an IP or a Donor with similar concerns, please contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss the services we can offer your organization or project.