Success Through Tradition

Identifying Potential Social Entrepreneurs

Tapping the Shoulder of Potential

The STT seminar objective is to identify potential Social Entrepreneurs (SE), to train them in the latest business skills, and to set up partnerships, joint ventures or distributorship. We will train approximately thirty to forty prospective trainees per year.

FRESH aims are to provide information and training to Americans and Africans to create and promote American exports into African markets.


  1. Developing successful relationships between American & African companies.
  2. Increasing US imports/exports in African countries and America.
  3. Bridging the gap between American and African business culture.
Kamau Lizwelicha, of FRESH operated another company called KML & Associates. The Limited Liability Company specialized in financial and business management along with exporting/importing. The company was founded in 1988. It was established to address the needs and opportunities of exporting/importing products and services to Africa and Brazil. In early 1989, the company imported Brazil handbags and shoes into the American market.

In 1994, they exported hair care products (Avlon products) via a distributorship agreement in Uganda.

From those experiences, Mr. Lizwelicha discovered that African entrepreneurs did not only lack financial and business management skills, but knowledge of American business culture.

Consequently, the STT seminar is concentrating on bringing these skills and knowledge to the SEs to enhance their ability to attract American joint ventures, distributorships, and parnterships. On the other hand, American business people also need to become familiar with African culture and customs to become successful in this market. Other ethnic groups, Europeans, Lebanese, Asians, and Chinese, have been doing business in Africa for many decades. Nonetheless, American technology is far exceptional and Africans have great appreciation for American products and services.

Trade and Investment in Africa

The US government commissioned the Council on Foreign Relations to conduct a study on trade and investment in Africa. The study concluded that US could not afford to marginalize trade and investment in Africa. In addition, the study recommended the passage of an African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to increase African access to American markets, while increasing American exports.

Aiming for Success

It is hope that the success in Asia, i.e. Asia Tigers, will happen with some of the Africa countries. STT seminars will focus on those potential African Lions” countries. These countries offer opportunities in the following sectors: Pharmaceuticals/health, Agriculture (capital equipment), Consumer and Basic industry and others.

Foreign Investment = Highly Profitable

The potential for highly profitable foreign investment in Africa is enormous, but many investors (US small businesses) remain unaware of the past record and current opportunities, argues the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan stated, “Africa’s profitability is one of the best kept secrets in today’s world economy.”

Our Objectives

The objectives of FRESH and the Success through Tradition (STT) seminars are to promote American businesses in the African market and to link African entrepreneurs with American companies and resources. STT will have three components: seminars, marketing research, and deal brokering.

Service Description

Identification of SEs: FRESH Global will identify AEs from information obtain from local chamber of commerce, investment centers, and our marketing specialists. We will visit US small companies and spend considerable time studying their history, culture and successes in attempt to duplicate the same or better results in the Africa market.

Training: Through the STT seminars, the AEs will learn financial and business management principles and become familiar with corporate American culture. The AEs will acquaint themselves with business principles that have made American businesses successful. The STT seminars will emphasis the differences in America corporate culture and African traditional business culture and communication styles. Our motto is “It is better to understand each other than to see each other.” The major component of the seminar will highlight culture. Edward T. Hall introduced the concept of high and low context cultures in an attempt to explain the kinds and amount of contextual information that listeners and speakers bring to, and take from, conversations. Technical communication researchers and practitioners have extrapolated from the concept elements that influence how context influences the way we communicate and how technical documents are written. For instance, we know that high context cultures need (and want) less introductory material in written reports or low context cultures need information embedded throughout the document. However, as we investigate visual elements in international technical communications, concepts of Hall can help us communicate better between different cultural group. These concepts will be greatly emphasized.

Brokering: Once an SEs have been identified and trained through the STT seminars, we will develop a management team to with American companies in creating a partnership, joint venture, or distributorship deal.

FRESH also offers a traditional, but innovative way of promoting US small companies into the African market. We offer a management team of well trained Social Entrepreneurs and seminars developed and packaged in various ways that allow US small companies to choose their preferred relationship: joint ventures, partnership, joint venture, or distributorship. We offer the highest quality service with both the American companies and African Entrepreneurs in mind to create an economic boom in targeted African countries while increasing American exports.

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