Rent a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Many local NGOs find challenges with hiring and keeping high-caliber personnel not only because of the longevity of external funding, but also because of the high demand for experienced staff in the job market. To help alleviate these challenges, FRESH Global has started outsourcing seasoned professionals to address organization's needs. One area with the greatest need is financial management. Some organizations in need of accounting help – to balance their books and maintain their budgets – are renting CFOs rather than hiring them. This strategy comes at a time when NGOs are looking for effective money-saving alternatives that can yield not only good results, but also rapid start-ups while avoiding substantial overhead costs.

Our CFOs will help you focus on the big picture and alert you to any dangers if you're not achieving your desired objectives or results. In addition, we will alert and provide you with information related to any regulation changes if they concern your respective donor or local government policies and procedures. Our CFOs have years of experience working with NGOs and on international development projects throughout the world.

With the accumulated savings of not hiring a financial manager, organizations can hire additional project managers to help them  achieve their results. As one client remarked, “The CFO is more objective and someone who can prevent us from making any bad decisions. It has really given us a level of confidence that we did not have in decision making."

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