Assessment Training Monitoring (ATM)

A Comprehensive Approach

Enhancing Local NGO Systems

Our ATM services offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing local non-governmental organization (NGO) systems.

Our team of highly skilled consultants will conduct a thorough analysis known as the “Non-U.S. Organization Pre-Award Survey” (NUPAS) to assess your organizational structure and identify areas for improvement. This analysis goes beyond previous audits or reports by developing comprehensive guidelines and strategic plans that swiftly evaluate crucial areas such as finance, IT, administration, and more. Additionally, we will provide you with a tailored list of recommendations and specific tools designed to address and resolve any weaknesses identified. We will also diligently monitor and evaluate the progress of implementation, providing regular updates to the NGO’s senior management and the Board of Directors, and keeping donors informed if applicable.

Here is a concise overview of our innovative ATM approach program:

Using the valuable insights gained from the Non-U.S. Organization Pre-Award Survey (NUPAS), FRESH Global will develop a comprehensive program that targets and rectifies any identified weaknesses.

To truly understand the concerns and needs of the non-governmental organization’s (NGO) staff, FRESH Global will engage in meaningful discussions about the weaknesses. Our extensive experience has shown that many NGO staff lack familiarity with best practices and the operational strategies of successful NGOs. As a result, we will provide them with invaluable guidance on best practices.

In the majority of cases, we recommend utilizing our cutting-edge tools and continuous training on these tools. This approach effectively addresses the weaknesses highlighted in the NUPAS report, guiding the NGO towards a path of aid effectiveness.

One training program that we highly recommend is centered around intercultural communication. Through either a webinar or engaging face-to-face workshops, this program delves into the nuances of cultural differences, particularly in relation to time management, accountability, transparency, and responsibility. The primary focus of this training will be to empower NGO staff by highlighting their crucial role and responsibilities in the journey towards aid effectiveness.

The level of effort exerted will be based on the findings of the NUPAS. Our ultimate objective is to swiftly address and overcome all weaknesses, enabling NGO systems to efficiently manage donor funding, ultimately leading to self-reliance and sustainability.

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