FRESH Global (FG) offers a host of services and products to strengthen local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Governments, and social entrepreneurs. Our professional team has worked with hundreds of NGOs and Governments around the world, and we have learned best practices for organizational development and efficiency.

Our services are designed to assist NGOs and Governments to build their capacity and to strengthen their systems the old-fashioned way: one step at a time. Nascent NGOs can use our outsourcing services for their program support while they achieve the program results they need in order to grow and flourish. Similarly, we offer government services, such as on-budget support and public-private alliance strategies to aid with USAID Reform Agenda. Building the capabilities of social entrepreneurs, youths, and local organization is paramount to developing any country. FG has designed an array of capacity-building training and mentoring programs that generates results.

Our core services include:

Our specialized services include:

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