NGO Capacity Building

Meeting with a South Sudan local NGOFRESH Global's aim is to assist grassroots organizations with eradicating poverty in their communities and countries through creating, designing and implementing sustainable projects; developing timely initiatives; and offering technical assistance.

A FRESH survey revealed that most local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) had little, if any, knowledge of grant compliance requirements and often lacked training on crucial aspects of implementing those requirements. Constantly fluctuating levels of donor assistance demand that NGOs (both local and International) have a knowledgeable field staff and systems in place in order to compete for limited resources.

Experience has confirmed that poor management systems hamper project objectives. Installing management systems and training from a cultural Kamau in Northern Ugandaperspective will improve transparency and strengthen the NGOs. Building the capacity for these organizations could be a catalyst to increased citizen participation, which might result in the acceleration of local development. Although strong management systems do not always have a direct effect on program results, indirect impact is significant.

Over the past six years, FRESH has developed services and systems to improve the capacity of African NGOs' competitiveness and local government systems. Our research work has mainly been concentrated in Kenya, Liberia, and Uganda, and it has largely consisted of establishing offices in the aforementioned countries, getting to know the local NGOs and conducting research to establish an individual organization's needs in the process.

Our company’s owners' experience working in Africa over the past 20 years has shown how ill-prepared local NGOs are to compete in the global non-profit world. While most have the passion and want to change the failing systems of their respective countries, lack of expertise in proposal writing, reports writing, and clear sustainability plans have proven to be a hindrance in attaining funds, or maintaining them once received.

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