The Mobile Bookkeeping Service (MBS) is a full-time accountant without a full-staff. The service designed for those local NGOs, Micro-credit lenders, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.  It is affordable, practical and smart.

What is MBS?
MBS are trained accountants who will do your accounting using powerful accounting software and will provide expert advice.

What is objective of MBS?
The aim of MBS is to bring affordable financial systems and advice to new and growing organizations, companies and individuals.

How does it work?
You can come to our office and take a quick questionnaire.
One of our accountants can visit your office and provide the following services:

  • Record keeping
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial advice of your business
  • Capacity Building training

Who are the primary customers?
Micro-credit lenders

These clients will require our basic bookkeeping service while they build their business up.

Local NGOs/CBOs

These organizations are NGOs/CBOs with no budget or human resources for a full-time accountant.


This is for the savvy Entrepreneurs who wants time to concentrate on his businesses idea and leaves the bookkeeping to the experts.

Small businesses

This is a small business with limited resources that cannot affordable an experienced accountant nor an accounting software.


Start-ups that need accounting expertise and accounting software to ensure a solid start-up.
Who are the secondary customers?

  • Micro-Finance Institutions
  • Donors
  • Cooperatives and other lenders

What are the benefits?

  • Weekly reports
  • Preparation for Audits
  • Expert advice from International Controllers
  • Monthly filing of VAT, PAYE, NSSF, & NHIF

How much is the service? Contact us.