Message from Co-founder

Welcome to FRESH Global

At FRESH Global, we believe communities should develop from the bottom up, from a cultural context with a long-term strategy, formulating a forward-thinking approach, creating not only  economic growth but positive change.

Our aim is to help establish high caliber, result oriented, sustainable local non-governmental organizations (LNGOs).

After more than twenty years in the U.S. Foreign Service and working in over sixty countries throughout the world, the two founders of FRESH Global wanted to give back to the people in those countries' yearning to develop and have a better tomorrow. Our purpose is to cause a change with quality services and knowledge based training to LNGOs/entrepreneurs.

By providing mentorship, training, capacity building services, and working with LNGOs and governments, FRESH Global envisions communities and people doing more to change their conditions.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Let us start today.

Kamau Lizwelicha, Co-founder FRESH Global