Strengthening Partnership

Leveraging Our Extensive Experience

The scarcity of competition in government procurement.

The groundbreaking research from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University sheds light on the scarcity of competition in government procurement. Although the focus of the report is on the broader government sector, similar concerns have been raised about USAID.

We admire the exceptional work of Samantha Powers, the USAID Administrator, in the implementation of the New Partnership Initiative (NPI). Although we have encountered certain obstacles with NPI and previous initiatives by local partners, our focus is not on identifying these challenges, but rather on actively encouraging and inspiring more partners to join forces with USAID.

We Effectively Execute Projects and Empower Local Partners

As a result, our team is adept at identifying and utilizing their strengths to effectively execute projects and empower local partners. It is important to note that while we may not possess expertise in technical areas such as education, health, and agriculture, we excel in financial management, information technology, human resources, procurement, monitoring and evaluation, as well as contracts and grants administration.

Having encountered difficulties engaging with existing USAID implementing partners, we have crafted a strategic plan to concentrate on institutions that have received some USAID funding and others that have not been recognized. Leveraging our extensive experience working overseas and providing local capacity-building tools, combined with the technical expertise of these institutions, we are poised to establish a partnership that aligns with USAID’s needs and desires. Furthermore, we will effectively address the scarcity of competition in government procurement. It is worth noting that USAID is not the sole government agency we have identified.

By combining our efforts and harnessing our strengths, we can effect profound change through fortified alliances.