FRESH-Uganda is open for business! Besides the regular services we offer, we will also launch an eProcurement management system, our newest strengthening system, to local and international organizations.

FRESH eProcurement system

Our online eProcurement system is the first web technology procurement system in East Africa that streamlines the procurement process for improved efficiency and transparency. With the eProcurement system, all the NGO has to do is submit the purchase requisition or solicitation to us, and we will do the rest. From our database of thousands of pre-qualified suppliers in Uganda and throughout East Africa, we will alert suppliers to your solicitation for timely bids. We provide your NGO with a price/costs analysis, and you can then select the supplier and issue a purchase order or a contract. We communicate with the supplier to make sure the service is provided on time. Our system can set up bidders meetings, facilitate questions & answers, estimate bids/costs analyses, set up electronic filing systems, and administer contracts. Your solicitation is posted on your website 24/7 for eligible suppliers to view and bid on.

With increased competition, we can find our clients lower prices and better services. Suppliers are provided with training in writing bid proposals, rendering customer service, and providing other business skills to ensure customers receive optimal service.

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