Core Services

FRESH Global's primary objective is to ensure transparency, accountability, teamwork, and project success for Local Governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

FRESH Global offers a variety of services to our clients.

  • Local Government: To strengthen local government systems, we offer our Assessment, Training, and Monitoring (ATM) service. This service provides a comprehensive approach towards strengthening and capacity building.
  • Local NGO: To build local NGO capacity, we offer the NGO Financial & Administrative Capacity (NGOFAC) service.  With the NGOFAC training service, FRESH Global mentors and coaches the local NGOs in developing best practices for running an efficient organization.
  • Entrepreneur & small business: To assist Entrepreneurs and small businesses, we offer our Success Through Tradition (STT) seminars and other business tools. Our STT not only underscore best practices, but also cultural differences and innovation.
  • Donors and Grant Providers: To Donors and Grant Providers, we offer the NGO Service Center (NGOSC) assistance. The NGOSC provides a comprehensive basket funding approach with clear transparency and accountability.

Additionally, offers Sage ACCPAC accounting software to strengthen all clients financial management system.  

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