ATM Approach

Here’s a brief outline of our ATM approach program:

With the results of a pre-award survey (PAS) FRESH Global will develop a program to address and correct any identified weaknesses.

FRESH Global will discuss the weaknesses with the government’s staff to understand their concerns and needs. From our experience, many government staff are unacquainted with best practices and how other effective governments operate. We will supply best practice guidance.

We will provide both on the job training and workshops covering procedures to be implemented to address weaknesses in the PAS report and from our discussions with government staff.

Besides specific workshops, we offer a half-day workshop on inter-cultural communication. The workshop examines cultural differences regarding time management, accountability, transparency and responsibility. The emphasis will focus on the government staff’s role and responsibilities with government and aid effectiveness.

The level of effort to be employed depends on the findings of the PAS. Our intent is to resolve all weaknesses in an expeditious matter to allow government systems to handle donor funding and tax revenues or local NGOs to effectively implement projects.

For more information, please contact us.