AID Effectiveness Advisory Services

Many countries have signed the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and have started to move the local aid effectiveness agenda forward. In this context, FRESH has established Aid Effectiveness Support to assist governments to strengthen aid and debt management capacities and systems.


The goals of this advisory service are:

  • To increase development effectiveness through improving the quality, quantity and management of foreign assistance provided to host government;
  • To increase the effective and transparent allocation, management and use of foreign assistance through strengthening government systems.

The purposes of this advisory service are:

  • To establish a government-owned state of the art, and website procurement, financial and information management systems to track all foreign aid flows;
  • To enhance aid mobilization and management capacities of the Government Ministries;
  • To develop and implement a national aid effectiveness agenda that is based on the five principles of the Paris Declaration: ownership, alignment, harmonization, managing for results and mutual accountability.

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