Integrated Dairy


cows.jpgProject Vision

To establish local, successfully run rural cooperatives by introducing small, self sustaining integrated dairy farms.


To increase agricultural productivity by implementing proposed projects and educating rural female farmers, as a way of alleviating poverty.


The agricultural sector of FRESH, LLC is currently focused on improving the livelihoods of Liberian woman by promoting an integrated diary farming system. In a post-conflict country such as Liberia, creating stability in rural communities is key. It is no secret that women are the fabric that holds a society together. In order to achieve environmental responsibility and family, social, and economic stability, women are the constituent on which to focus.

FRESH has carefully designed a project to focus on the core needs of rural female farmers who are keen to learn, improve, and expand their agricultural knowledge of incorporating more productive and advanced, yet practical, farming practices.fresh-food.jpg

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View the Liberia Presentation by Daniel Herrera
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