Empowering Grassroots Organizations

FRESH is dedicated to empowering grassroots organizations in their efforts to eliminate poverty in their communities and nations.

We achieve this by conceptualizing, crafting, and executing sustainable projects, initiating timely initiatives, and providing valuable technical support.

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According to a recent survey…

It was discovered that the majority of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) lack knowledge when it comes to grant compliance requirements and often lack the necessary training to implement those requirements effectively. USAID works with organizations through either an acquisition (contract) or assistance (grant or cooperative agreement) award, depending on the nature of the work.

Once you have been honored with the award, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the particular regulations that govern this type of instrument or donor assistance. To navigate any modifications or adjustments, your organization will greatly benefit from the expertise of a skilled and competent advisor.

We have learned from experience that inadequate management systems can hinder the progress of projects. By implementing management systems and training programs that are culturally sensitive, we can enhance transparency and strengthen the NGOs. Empowering these organizations will serve as a catalyst for increased citizen participation, potentially accelerating local development. While strong management systems may not always have a direct impact on program results, their indirect influence is significant.

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Over the past twenty years, FRESH has dedicated itself to creating innovative services and systems that enhance the competitiveness of NGOs and local government structures. Our extensive research efforts have primarily focused on Kenya, Liberia, and Uganda. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and adapting and expanding our services to meet their evolving needs. As your organization grows and your staff becomes more familiar with our systems and procedures, our support gradually decreases.

Based on our extensive experience working worldwide for the past four decades, we have observed a significant gap in the preparedness of local NGOs to compete in the global non-profit sector. While these organizations possess immense passion and a strong desire to revolutionize their countries’ failing systems, their lack of expertise in proposal writing, report writing, and clear sustainability plans has become a significant obstacle in securing and sustaining funds.

Past Projects

With a USAID/Washington contract, FRESH provided financial management services to FAS Geneva, Switzerland. We conducted our ATM service. We performed a financial management assessment, installed the Simply Accounting system (Accpac), designed a financial management manual, and provided consultancy services.

Femme A Solidarite (FAS)

With a USAID/Kenya contract, FRESH and a local NGO, Wajir Peace Development Agency, conducted a performance evaluation of local NGOs in Northern Kenya. FRESH trained women members in these NGOs in performance, monitoring, and evaluation techniques.

Wajir, Kenya

FG provided the Virtual Financial Controller (VFC) system to the local NGO. GEM was receiving UNICEF funding for their education project activities. For our efforts in strengthening their financial management system, we receive a testimonial from their Executive Director.

Girls Education Management (GEM) Uganda