In many countries, corruption is no longer silently accepted. The increased awareness of the costs associated with corruption and the rise in the number of countries that have embraced democratic freedoms and market economies are both largely responsible for the change in attitudes. As the awareness of corruption becomes more widespread, the need for sustainable solutions is likewise more urgent.

Widespread and persistent corruption continues to be one of the leading problems for businesses, governments, and citizens worldwide. Increasingly, efforts to combat corruption are no longer just a prerogative of NGOs and civil society organizations; businesses are also mounting sustained efforts to address both the supply and demand side of corruption.

With FRESH Global's seasoned staff and their experience in the areas of auditing, procurements, financial management, etc., we can design, implement and monitor anti-corruption projects.

We have discovered that government, private sector, and civil society organization must collectively be involved in combating corruption. From our surveys, we have found that corruption can be reduced with not only better management information systems, internal controls, standard codes of ethics, but also with better wages and an incentive award plan.

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