Harrahs Malinda - Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Dr. Harrahs Malinda is a Community Development & Education Policy Development Specialist from the University of East Anglia (UK) and a Social Worker with exemplary strengths in Project Development and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research, and International Child Welfare.

Dr. Malinda's years of experience with development activities include:

  • A track record as Program Coordinator with varied NGO’s specializing in program planning, development and execution, research, training, integration, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Excellent ratings as an organizer and trainer in scientific qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis for policy and evaluative purposes.
  • Intimate knowledge of assessment, monitoring and evaluation tools including the Millennium Development Goals and related indicator framework.
  • Superior application of strong numerate skills together with excellent writing/communication skills (as demonstrated in published works in the Statistics and Statistical Analyst fields). Proven specialist in converting scientific data into clear, understandable policy summaries for professional decision-making processes.
  • Demonstration of wide knowledge, experience, and information networking skills in mainstreaming disability, and gender issues, HIV/AIDS concerns, and Youth and Child Welfare activities into development programs.