Jennifer Omino - Lead Senior Consultant

Jennifer Omino

Jennifer Omino is our leading senior consultant. Her 20+ years of working with the private and public sector is invaluable. Ms. Omino's active encouragement of and involvement with women entrepreneurs is well known throughout Kenya. A few years ago, Ms. Omino participated in A Gateway conference on Leadership for Women at the University of Chicago, representing Kenyan businesswomen. Her participation with the community extends to local NGOs, especially women's groups. Ms. Omino has provided advice to start-up NGOs.

Ms. Omino is the lead trainer in our FRESH-Kenya office and coordinates our services with NGOs and donors. She organizes and oversees our NGOFAC training courses. Her years of USAID experience has made her highly cognizant of grant administration problems in local NGO implementation of Donor programs.

Ms. Omino was a Technical Advisor for USAID/Liberia under the Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program (GEMAP).