Kamau Lizwelicha

Kamau Lizwelicha

Co-Founder & CEO (Managing Director)

Let us introduce Mr. Kamau M. Lizwelicha, the brilliant mastermind behind FRESH, LLC. With an exceptional track record spanning over three decades, he has thrived in finance as an accomplished accountant. Mr. Lizwelicha has an MBA from Howard University and a BA in accounting. He has received numerous USAID awards, from leading the best financial management field office to extending his services to the health program team. Notably, he dedicated twelve years of his career as a Financial Manager and controller at the esteemed United States Agency for International Development (USAID). As the primary governing body responsible for administering and implementing our foreign aid program, USAID has dramatically benefited from Mr. Lizwelicha’s unparalleled expertise. Furthermore, his illustrious career as a Foreign Service officer, commissioned by the President, has taken him to the Ivory Coast, Uganda, and Zambia, where his contributions have left an indelible mark.

Mr. Lizwelicha, a former Ernst & Young (EY) auditor, has gained extensive experience and expertise in project management and technical assistance. After his tenure at USAID, he has excelled as a senior consultant for renowned international NGOs and companies. His exceptional skills in strengthening field operations, project implementation, and financial and grants management systems have been instrumental in successful project outcomes. With his remarkable track record, Mr. Lizwelicha has effectively facilitated grant management administration in diverse countries such as Switzerland, Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, South Sudan, Pakistan, Kenya, and Uganda.

With over twenty-five years of expertise in implementing start-ups, managing sub-awards, and successfully closing out numerous projects, Mr. Lizwelicha has a wealth of global operations experience. His extensive work spans over thirty African countries, including Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

His dedication to assisting local partners in comprehending the intricate details of grants and contract regulations is unmatched. His innovative approach to designing procurement systems to combat fraud and reduce wastage also sets him apart. Mr. Lizwelicha is genuinely a remarkable asset.

He has managed an average of $50M project size, with the highest being $700M.

Osama Abdel-Aziz Ahmed Farag

Osama Abdel-Aziz Ahmed Farag

FRESH Co-Partner IT Contractor / Business Information Technology (BIT) Expert

Osama Abdel-Aziz Ahmed Farag is an Information Technology (IT) expert. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, where he served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in various diverse organizations, including working with local NGOs at an NGO Service Center in Cairo, Egypt. His keen insight into NGO IT needs is unmatched. He also possesses experience serving different business areas such as education, healthcare, project/program management, port management, water and wastewater sector, retail business, and manufacturing. Mr. Abdelaziz provided professional IT consultations in various African, middle, and Far Eastern countries. He successfully managed mega IT projects in figures of US$ 12.7 million.

Mr. Abdelaziz has extensive experience in aligning Information Technology (IT) transformation with different types of businesses’ needs. He is an expert in applying innovative technology and IT services according to a well-known IT service management (ITSM) framework. Mr. Abdelaziz can perform business process analysis, document business needs, draw strategic and tactical IT plans, and lead their executions to achieve the organization’s vision and business objectives.

Mr. Abdelaziz has the following qualifications and distinguished experience.


  • Master (M.Sc.) degree in “Business Information Technology” from Middle University, London, United Kingdom (UK).
  • B.Sc. degree in communication engineering, faculty of engineering, Alexandria University.
  • Expert and trainer in IT Service Management Provision, design, implementation, and monitoring processes according to ITIL v3.0.
  • Experience in managing development teams to support business cycles.
  • Authorized Lecturer for Health Information Systems, American University in Cairo (AUC).
  • Trainer delivering (PMP) courses with solid experience in managing large-scale projects.
  • Experience in strategic planning and team development and team building skills.
  • Experience planning, directing, coaching, project, and program management.