Mission and Values

Our aim is to provide financial, administrative, and grant management training and knowledge to assist local, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Entrepreneurs.


  • To strengthen local NGOs by providing them with relevant knowledge on developmental issues.
  • To build sufficient capacity for local NGOs to receive donor funding and to become self-sufficient.
  • To train and mentor young entrepreneurs to promote their services and products for the global market.
  • To train local NGOs in proper financial, administrative, grant management, and proposal-writing skills.
  • To empower local NGOs to contribute to the development of stronger local communities.


  • Food: We believe that every family should have enough food to eat to survive.
  • Reconstruction: We believe resources should be channeled to rebuild infrastructure.
  • Education: We believe that education is paramount to the attainment of personal and professional advancement in the world.
  • Shelter: We believe that shelter is a key to developmental sustainability.
  • Health: We believe that health issues prevent developmental progress, so we are committed to assisting organizations with eradicating incurable diseases.

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