"It is better to prepare for an opportunity than to have a opportunity and not be prepared."        ~Whitney Young

FRESH was founded in 2004 by Kamau Lizwelicha, a former USAID Financial Controller, with the encouragement and advice of his USAID colleague and mentor, Kathleen LeBlanc, who is also a former USAID Financial Controller.

Their combined years of USAID service generated and strengthened their convictions that local NGOs were the key to meaningful and sustainable development. But after five years of research and thousands of interviews, they confirmed that many NGOs lacked the financial and general management expertise that was so critical to continued success. What little training assistance that was available to address those lacks often ignored the cultural differences between the West and the rest of the world. FRESH, LLC has therefore set out to design and present culturally-sensitive, regionally-specific training programs to help build financial and program-management capacities in NGOs across the developing world.

FRESH offers a wealth of experience and understanding of the complexities of the US Federal Government, of local Governments, and of other donor systems and requirements. We have a multinational team of consultants that largely consists of former USAID financial analysts and managers. Additionally, both our management style and team approach are culturally sensitive.

We offer a variety of services to NGOs, Entrepreneurs, and donors, such as ATM (Assessment, Training and Monitoring) NGOFAC, (Non-Governmental Organization Financial & Administrative Capacity), STT (Success Through Tradition), and Outsourcing.


Most local NGOs have little if any knowledge of donors’ complex requirements, and US PVOs often lack training on crucial aspects of implementing those requirements. Constantly fluctuating levels of donor assistance demand that local NGOs and US PVO field offices have knowledgeable staff and systems to compete for these limited resources. With accounting firms’ consulting and auditing divisions under nmore intense scrutiny, internal auditing departments will be essential. Most organizations do not have the in-house staff capacity to adequately monitor their field offices or sub-grantees.

Experience has confirmed that attainment of project objectives is often hampered by poor management systems. Installing management systems and training through a cultural perspective will improve transparency and strengthen the African local NGO and PVO field offices. Building the capacity for these organizations could be the catalyst needed, leading to increased citizen participation and resulting in accelerated local development. Although strong management systems do not always have a direct effect on program results, indirect impact is significant. For instance, FRESH (formerly Sankofa & Associates) provided technical assistance to a women’s organization that aims to create, develop, strengthen, and promote the leading role of women in the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts on the African continent. After upgrading the management system of this organization, the International NGO qualified for USAID funds, and it will find itself better equipped to prevent or mitigate the impacts of more man-made crises.

FRESH was established to address the issues noted above. Our experience has shown that local NGO and PVO field offices can begin to grasp the critical aspects with only two to four weeks of technical assistance. If the local NGO lacks manpower or its staff's technical competence levels are relatively low, then an additional four to eight weeks can be scheduled.

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