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FRESH Global, LLC is a highly professional and dynamic consulting firm, proudly registered in Delaware, USA. With a strong presence in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Liberia, South Africa, and expanding to establish offices across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. We bring unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions to clients worldwide.

We strive to enhance the capabilities and empower local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Local Government systems by providing expertise in financial and administrative management as well as project implementation.

At FRESH Global, we understand and embrace the diversity of cultures, integrating cross-cultural awareness and understanding into our training programs and management approach.

“GEM was attracted to their services by the virtual surveillance ability, they are able to monitor all transactions online and only send in representatives for verification and paperwork. This is an empowering and preventive measure to any anomaly, especially for me who is not a finance specialist.”

Florence Kanyike
former Executive Director, GEM

We firmly believe that a country’s economic development hinges on effective government systems, dynamic local NGOs, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

At FRESH, our mission is to empower these groups with the knowledge and expertise they need to drive the development of their own countries. We also strive to provide them with assurance and accountability when it comes to their partnerships.

With our extensive experience of working alongside countless NGOs abroad, the FRESH team has cultivated an unwavering passion for empowering local NGOs through comprehensive training and personalized coaching.

FRESH Global assists both NGOs and grassroots organizations in eradicating poverty in their communities and countries by creating, designing, and implementing sustainable projects, developing timely initiatives, and offering technical assistance.

FRESH Global’s comprehensive range of core and specialized services are strategically crafted to empower, support, and enable organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in achieving their goals.

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