About Us


FRESH Global, LLC is an international consulting firm incorporated in Delaware in the United States, with overseas offices in Kenya and Uganda.

Our aim is to build the capacity and strengthen the Government systems of local, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Entrepreneurs in the areas of financial and administrative management and project implementation.

FRESH Global recognizes cultural differences and incorporates cross-cultural awareness and understanding in our training courses and management style.

FRESH Global believes effective Government systems, active local NGOs, and innovative Entrepreneurs are keys to a country's economic development.

Our mission is to provide these groups with knowledge and expertise that will enable them to develop their own countries and to provide them with assurance and accountability for their partners.

Because of our unique history of working overseas with hundreds of NGOs, the FRESH team has developed an insatiable desire to strengthen local NGOs through training and coaching.

FRESH Global assists both Governments and grassroots organizations in eradicating poverty in their communities and countries by creating, designing, and implementing sustainable projects, developing timely initiatives, and offering technical assistance.

FRESH Global core services and specialized services are designed to strengthen, assist, and help entrepreneurs and small businesses reach their objectives.

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