Strengthening local non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Our mission here at FRESH Global is to strengthen local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and improve their capacity for work in order to make a difference in their respective countries.

Our primary objective is to ensure transparency, accountability, teamwork, and project success for local NGOs and PVOs by improving the NGO’s Financial and administrative Capacity (NGOFAC), enabling target NGOs to satisfy Donor guidelines and to meet standard records and documentation requirements.

By working with NGOs for several years, we discovered a pattern to the weaknesses that affected the NGO’s ability to receive Developing Partner’s funds. To assist NGOs, we have identified a solution to help them achieve their goals while giving the Developing Partners the financial accountability and transparency necessary to provide funding.

We offer a solution that benefits both the NGO and their Developing Partners. The solution is outsourcing.

According to Computerworld magazine, companies outsource because they need to increase profits. However, for the nonprofit sector, it is to increase efficiency. To receive Developing Partner funding quickly, we know outsourcing can be the game changer for local NGOs. Developing Partners can achieve their objectives of increasing aid effectiveness at the grassroots level. An outsourcing firm, such as FRESH, provides technical assistance and the seasoned support staff needed to work with the NGO.

Why Outsource to FRESH?
FRESH offers outsourcing services that enable the NGO to focus on the project objectives and results. Our outsourcing services cover all the program support functions. We offer state-of-the-art and web-based accounting and procurement systems that provide timely financial data and procurement transparency. With FRESH outsourcing, the local NGO can then spend their valuable time addressing the program goals of the project.

FRESH brings a team with over 40 combined years of experience and understanding the complexities of the US Federal Government, other Governments, and other Developing Partners systems and requirements. Our senior management team largely consists of former USAID or the Big 4 accounting firm’s employees, both local and US based. We bring trained staff and systems (i.e. accounting, procurement, etc…) to assist the NGO in a quick program start-up. During the implementation phase, FRESH will provide timely financial reporting and responsive program support services.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to FRESH?

  • Allowing the nonprofit organization to focus on achieving its missions
  • Reducing cost of accounting and administrative services through the supplier’s economies of scale
  • Allowing the nonprofit organization to expand, or shrink, as necessary
  • Providing access to state-of-the-art software and technology
  • Providing access to a wide variety of expert, specialized accounting and administrative services
  • Ensuring more accurate and timely financial reporting
  • Providing one-stop shopping – from simple balance sheet services, to management report services, or even to computer consulting services