Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

(Virtual MEL)

On a fateful day, a prospective client inquired about the significance of project monitoring and evaluation.

Our prompt reply highlighted the multitude of advantages it brings. From uncovering potential issues, tracking progress, and measuring outcomes to efficiently utilizing resources, learning from mistakes, staying organized, and enhancing decision-making capabilities, monitoring, evaluation, and learning are the backbone of project success.

Rent a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

MEL requirements can be challenging for local partners who are new to working with USAID. While USAID has an extensive Learning Lab, FRESH helps you through its virtual (MEL) service.

In addition to our reliable TolaData app, our virtual MEL platform offers continuous training and the guidance of an experienced advisor well-versed in USAID’s Evaluation Policy.

This cutting-edge virtual system is revolutionizing the industry with its countless benefits, making it an absolute game-changer.

Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to simplify your workload by entrusting us with your MEL system responsibilities.