Human Resources

(Virtual HR)

Let Us Help You Find the RIGHT Team

Finding the right team members is always a formidable task, regardless of the country you operate in. Moreover, labor laws vary from one country to another. The hiring process plays a pivotal role in the successful launch of any project or business, yet it often lacks the necessary structure and consistency across organizations. However, without a productive and law-abiding workforce, the execution of projects can encounter significant challenges..

Recruiting and Retention

In addition to recruiting the right team members, retaining staff is also a formidable hurdle for local organizations. While we may not have a definitive solution to tackle this challenge, it is crucial to effectively convey to your staff that our organization’s objectives go beyond the duration of the donor’s project and that achieving sustainability is within our reach.

At FRESH Global (FG), we understand the importance of efficient time management in your HR department.

That’s why our virtual HR (VHR) system offers an innovative solution. With our cloud-based time management app, both HR staff and their managers can easily track employee sign-ins, geographical locations, and tasks performed. This user-friendly app seamlessly integrates with your payroll system and comes with additional feature add-ons. What’s more, our VHR also provides you with a dedicated HR advisor who can assist you with updating HR manuals, recruitment, performance evaluations, and much more.

By entrusting the HRM function to our team of skilled professionals at FRESH, you can bid farewell to any HR pitfalls that may arise during the initial stages or throughout the course of your project. You have an option.