eProcurement System

Our Innovative e-Procurement Cloud Technology System

eProcurement System

Throughout his years of experience, our Co-Founder has successfully operated in field offices and effectively managed numerous local NGOs. However, it became evident that additional funding from donors was necessary to establish a strong and efficient internal control procurement department. Consequently, the presence of a subpar procurement department resulted in frustrating delays, a lack of transparency, mismanagement, and unfortunate staff terminations.

As a result, he partnered with a company to customize an innovative e-procurement cloud technology system that adheres to donors’ regulations and incorporates the most efficient strategies.

FRESH Global has introduced a revolutionary solution called ePro. Unlike our other services that simply enable your organization’s staff to use the software, with ePro we take it a step further by managing the software and providing professional procurement staff to enhance the capabilities of your procurement department. Our dedicated team collaborates with your staff throughout the entire procurement cycle, from the initial procurement plan to ensuring timely and efficient vendor payments.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the ePro system and our limited FREE offer.

A Cloud Based eProcurement System

FRESH Global (FG) has customized design cloud based eProcurement system (ePro) that manages the entire procurement cycle to the final payment, and assists local organizations and implementing partners’ field office procurement department. The systems help USAID Missions to achieve their USAID Procurement Reform policy objectives.

Our ePro offers benefits to local NGOs, vendors, and USAID.


Benefits to Local NGOs

ePro offers a transparent and efficient procurement process to all implementing partners (IPs) requesting local procurements. Since the LPS system is a web based program, it presents the following benefits to the IPs:

  • A seasoned professional team
  • Pre-qualified list of local vendors
  • Reviews and indexes on vendors performance
  • Elimination of paperwork and reduced requisition approval time
  • Electronic storage of procurement records
  • Improve quality of services and commodities
  • Lower prices
  • Reduce mismanagement of funds

Benefits to Local Vendors (Private Sector)

ePro offers a hassle-free and efficient procurement process without kick-backs. Here are some of the benefits to the local vendors:

  • Procurement training for local vendors
  • Timely payments (if payments are late, then FG will apply the prompt pay act on all overdue payments)
  • Feedback to losing bidders and addition training or coaching
  • Increase exposure to USAID procurements
  • Increase sales and profits

Benefits to USAID

  • Increase competition and broaden USAID’S partner base.
  • ePro offers a reliable procurement system that will withstand an audit