Contract and Grant Administration

We Guide and Assist You from Start to Finish

FRESH Global provides technical assistance throughout the grant cycle:

Preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP)

We assist with designing and implementing an RFP to ensure that it follows best practices standards, create evaluation criteria for the selection committee, assist with the selection committee coordination and orientation, and help write up the conclusion memo for USAID’s approval.

Pre-award process

We assist with pre-award surveys or internal control assessments of potential grantees (NGOs) and develop a capacity-building work plan for those organizations with less than acceptable financial management systems.

Design of the sub-agreement and post- award process

We assist with the preparation of the sub-grant agreement so that it includes all applicable clauses and schedules, facilitate post-award workshops to ensure the new grantee understands the terms and conditions of the grant agreement, and answer any questions.

Providing Grants Administration Support (GAS)

We can assist the grantee with sub-grant administration, such as understanding the OMB circulars, the applicable USAID ADS references, the enormous financial regulations, and the USG reporting requirements.

Support the NGO Institutional Strengthening Plans

This may include:

  • Strengthening/Creating and managing supervisory committees or boards
  • Planning strategically
  • Designing projectsStrengthening financial management
  • Developing work plans
  • Developing administrative policies and procedures
  • Strengthening management of sub-grants
  • Developing/Strengthening monitoring and evaluation, data use and data quality, and reporting
  • Strengthening HR management, including the management of both staff and volunteers
  • Developing strategies to reduce corruption and increase cost-effective/-efficient management of resources
  • Developing policies and procedures to prevent and respond to the abuse or exploitation of children
  • Strengthening private-public partnerships and resource mobilization to improve sustainability