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FRESH Global

FRESH Global is a consulting firm that provides superior service to our clients. Some of our clientele include, but are not limited to, the groups listed below.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Small and Medium Businesses

Higher Education Institutions, & other Institutions

Local Governments

Social Entrepreneurs

International Organisations

Our aim is to strengthen systems, to build capacity for local NGOs and Entrepreneurs, and to develop an effective project implementation methodology.
FRESH Global offers a variety of services to strengthen local government systems, ensuring donors’ accountability and transparency in the process. Additionally, our consultants are seasoned professionals working with NGOs, local governments, donors, and International Organizations.
FRESH Global experts can set-up and support accounting, logistics, human resources, IT, and procurement systems. Similarly, we can assist nascent local NGOs with their start-up operations and administrative functions.

FRESH Latest Service

FRESH Global (FG) has launched a virtual capacity-building service called Virtual Monitoring Evaluation, & Learning (VMEL). This service provides monitoring and evaluation training and oversight support and a free online MEL system for local NGOs. In the spirit of USAID NPI assistance and other donor reform programs, FG’s VMEL service provides a cost-effective and high-tech product.

NGO Capacity-Strengthening

NGO Strengthening

FRESH Global has a professional staff and a network of seasoned technical experts. Our team is ready to assist local NGOs/CBOs with their systems, writing proposals, and winning awards.

Good Governance

FRESH Global feels that local NGOs need to incorporate good governance as an element in their organizations in order to strengthen them.

Effective aid programming must improve the mechanisms by which the distribution of critical resources is necessary. It will contribute to the sustainable development of poor and underdeveloped countries.