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    FRESH offers creative and game-changing services to enhance NGOs' effectiveness and sustainability both on the field and in the workplace.
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Message from Co-founder

At FRESH Global, we believe communities should evolve from the bottom up, with a culturally sensitive view aimed towards a long-term strategy developed through a forward-thinking approach that will not only bring economic growth but will also enact a positive change.

Our aim is to help establish sustainable high caliber, result-oriented local non-governmental organizations (LNGOs).

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Welcome To FRESH Global

FRESH Global is a consulting firm that provides superior service to our clients. Some of our clientele include, but are not limited to, the groups listed below:

  • Local Governments
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Donors and International Organizations


Our aim is to strengthen systems, to build capacity for local NGOs and Entrepreneurs, and to develop an effective project implementation methodology.

FRESH Global offers a variety of services to strengthen local government systems, ensuring donors' accountability and transparency in the process. Additionally, our consultants are seasoned professionals working with NGOs, local governments, donors, and International Organizations.

FRESH Global experts can set-up and support accounting, logistics, human resources, IT, and procurement systems. Similarly, we can assist nascent local NGOs with their start-up operations and administrative functions.

To strengthen your systems and improve your aid effectiveness, please start today by contacting us.



FRESH Global (FG) has launched a virtual capacity-building service called Virtual Financial Controller (VFC). This service provides financial management support and a free online accounting system for local NGOs. In the spirit of USAID Local Solutions and other donor reform programs, FG's financial controller service provides a cost-effective and high-tech product.

  • Good Governance
  • Anti-Corruption
  • AID Effectiveness

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FRESH Global is equipped with a network of professional and seasoned grant writers. Our staff is ready to assist local NGOS/CBOs with converting their concepts into that winning proposal.

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Good Governance

FRESH, LLC feels that local NGOs need to incorporate good governance as an element in their organizations in order to strengthen them.

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In many countries, corruption is no longer silently accepted. Largely responsible for the change in attitudes is the increased awareness of costs associated with corruption and the rise in the number of countries that embrace democratic freedoms and market economies.

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AID Effectiveness

Effective aid programming must be centered on improving the mechanisms by which critical resources are distributed, especially as it contributes to the sustainable development of poor, underdeveloped countries. The Paris Declaration aspires to make aid better.

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