Expertise Consulting

The knowledge, expertise and experience that exist within FRESH Global in the management, growth, and sustained competitiveness of international development and professional donor familiarity is considerable and comprehensive and cannot be matched by any other management firm, consulting organization, conference/events company or communications agency.

FRESH Global senior experts offer client organizations extensive advice and counsel plus provide leading practices, benchmarking metrics, creative ideas and proven methodologies on a broad spectrum of strategic, managerial, organizational and business issues, including:

  • Effective governance structure and culture
  • Strategic thinking and action taking
  • Leadership development and succession
  • Social networking
  • New product innovation and development
  • Branding regulations
  • Creating a strategic marketing plan
  • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Fundraising

When working with a client organization, our senior experts perform a thorough review of current policies and practices and, as importantly, desired goals and outcomes on an issue the client organization is addressing or an opportunity it is hoping to seize. From there, our senior experts develop a comprehensive, meaningful and leading-practice set of recommendations and actions to the board and staff.

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